The New Bora Oven & Multi-Drawer

The New Bora Oven & Multi-Drawer

Bora have always specialised in venting hobs, until now.

In their latest invention they have decided to try their hand at something a little different from their previous. This year the Bora venting hob collection will be joined by a new Bora oven, named the X BO, with an accompanying multi-use warming drawer.

Bora are not only unique in their products. Bora exclusively sell their appliances through independent retailers like us. To order any Bora appliances separately, speak direct to a showroom.

Bora X BO Oven - with Display & Prices

The Bora X BO

The Bora X BO is a new futuristic way of cooking, with all the latest innovations in oven technology included to give professional grade cooking results. The X BO incorporates a huge nineteen-inch display that is operated solely by touch like a simple smart phone, providing numerous proficient options for cooking all kind of dish and all kind of food.

A built-in steam extractor means monitoring the progress of meals is simple, with no chance of a puff of steam when opening the oven cavity, whilst maintenance is simple thanks to fast and intensive cleaning programmes that are easily operational. Most importantly cooking with the X BO is exquisite, thanks to optimal heat distribution throughout the cavity a dish will always be cooked well all over, with the benefit of succulent steam cooking technology.

Bora X Bo Oven with Steam Cooking The new Bora X BO Steam Oven

The Bora Multi-Drawer

The Bora Multi-Drawer is the ideal accompaniment to the intuitive X BO, built with effective professional capabilities that keen cooks will love.

The Multi-Drawer is named so for a reason, it is not only a traditional warming drawer. Warming plates and dinners, slow cooking, defrosting and even gentle cooking can be achieved with this versatile appliance.

Multi-Drawers are available in two sizes – 14cm and 29cm, giving extra-space for those who entertain larger groups of have a large family to cook for. Intuitive touch operation is built into the opening of the drawer, with pre-sets as well as custom durations and specific heating options to give flexibility when using the drawer. The Multi-Drawer is also made with the best materials, making cleaning and maintenance a simple and time efficient.

Bora X BO Oven & Multi Warming Drawer Bora X BO Oven & Multi Warming Drawer

If you are seeking to include the Bora X BO or Multi-Drawer into a renovation, do so with the help of our expert design service, with a no obligation free design and quotation. To arrange an appointment, visit a showroom or book an appointment now.

Bora products are only available to purchase from independent retailers such as ourselves. To order Bora appliances separately speak direct to a showroom.

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