Be transported to a soothing place with our luxury showering options, with styles to suit every project.


Our luxury showering options will provide you with a space to relax and recharge.

Your showering experience can even be enhanced with our digital showering system with intuitive temperature and flow control features for added indulgence. With vast finishes and configurations we have a shower to suit for every bathroom space.

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Designer Enclosures

With a designer enclosure your showering space can become a focal point of a bathroom. Our finishes include brass, gold, black, chome and even a matt black grid option.

Digital Showering

Digital showering can be incorporated into almost all of our bathroom projects.

Indulgent features like temperature control and water flow settings add a personal element to your experience, with preferred settings retained for convenience.

Classic Enclosures

With our classic enclosures, creating a relaxing space in your bathroom is an easy task. Classic enclosures are available in many sizes and layouts to suit you project requirements.

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