The Complete Quooker Colour Collection

The Complete Quooker Colour Collection

With the launch of the new Patinated Brass colour option from 100°C boiling tap manufacturer Quooker, we’re taking a closer look into the Quooker collection and the newly introduced colour options over the last few years.

Take a look at the new Patinated Brass option or skip to colour options for the popular Flex, Fusion and Nordic style boiling taps.

The Patinated Brass Collection

Quooker have likened the new Patinated Brass option to a fine wine, and that in giving it time to mature it will become more and more beautiful. Patina is a layer that develops on brass due to oxidation. It slowly changes colour turning lighter and darker in different places to give a fantastic rustic effect. This oxidation process can be sped up simply by touching the tap in a certain place, which starts the process.

This tap is available solely in the fusion tap options but can be tailored to your kitchen space by opting for a Fusion or Fusion Classic style, this can then be further tailored by opting for a contemporary square or classic rounded shaping.

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The Flex Collection

The Flex tap is the only Quooker tap with an intuitive pull-out hose. As well as its innovative design this tap still posseses the ability to dispense boiling, cold, filtered chilled, hot and sparkling water from a single faucet with the addition of the optional Cube tank. The Flex tap utilises a rounded shape and is available in three colour options: polished chrome, stainless steel and black.

The pull-out hose is the key feature of this tap, making cleaning the sink, rinsing saucepans and other day-to-day tasks simpler.

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The Fusion Collection

The Fusion collection is the most comprehensive collection of boiling tap options and is the collection home to the new patinated brass option.

A Fusion tap comes in two styles, Standard Fusion and Classic Fusion, within these a square or rounded spout can be chosen to align with your kitchen dynamic. Colour options do differ between the Fusion and Fusion Classic with colours polished chrome, stainless steel, gold, black and patinated brass available in Fusion and polished chrome, stainless steel, nickel and patinated brass available in Fusion Classic.

Whatever the style of your kitchen it’s highly likely that the Fusion collection will have something to suit your space.

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The Nordic Collection

The Nordic collection offers a refined selection of taps for those looking to add a simple boiling function to their sink area or for a separated yet still functional tap configuration.

Nordic taps can be purchased as a single or twin tap package where the height of the separate boiling tap can be adjusted to your liking. Nordic twin taps are available in a contemporary style, while a single Nordic tap is available in the contemporary and classic style allowing customisation to its surroundings.

All Nordic taps are available in polished chrome and stainless steel with the single classic tap available in the elegant nickel option.

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