Quooker: The New Front Tap

Quooker: The New Front Tap

Quooker are innovators in their field.

Since the inception of the boiling water tap, they have been the pioneers of safe, inventive and stylish faucets, that deliver a 100°C supply of boiling water, and more.

Their latest innovation is named Front – a boiling water tap with a minimalist design suited to present day kitchens.

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The New Quooker Front Boiling Water Tap - Available to Order

A New Minimalist Boiling Tap

The Front tap is smaller in comparison to other Quooker taps, utilising a lever built-into the spout of the tap for water flow and Quooker’s multifunctional collar closer to the stem.

The new front tap can be selected in two finishes: stainless steel or black, and when combined with the Quooker Cube tank can dispense cold, hot, boiling, filtered chilled, and sparkling water.

If you simply require cold, hot and boiling water, alternative tanks can provide this functionality.

The New Stainless Steel Quooker Front Boiling Tap The New Matt Black Quooker Front Tap Boiling Tap - Available Now

Add a Quooker to Your Kitchen

The Quooker Front is available to order now from Quooker retailers like ourselves.

If you are looking to add the Quooker Front to a new kitchen design our expert designers will be able to assist you with this. To get started visit us in showroom or book a free design appointment here.

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