Natural Bathroom in Ferring, West Sussex

Natural stone, wood and tiled elements combine in this supply-only bathroom project by the sea in Ferring.

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The Brief

This client originally visited our showroom interested in upgrading the storage in their bathroom, with a particular interest in German supplier Pelipal. One thing led to the next, and with product guidance from our Worthing-based designer Debs, the client opted to renovate other areas of their bathroom with some quality furnishings.

The client opted to use our Design & Supply Only service, with the components installed by one of our recommended local bathroom installers Dave Reynolds.

Design Elements

With an interest in our range of Pelipal furniture, this client opted to upgrade their bathroom storage with a popular Pelipal Cassca unit. The chosen finish of San Remo Oak compliments existing tile choices in this room and adds plentiful storage to this space.

Additional storage has been incorporated in the form of a Saneux mirrored cabinet, which is also equipped with a useful overhead light.

Special Inclusions

The client also sought to transform their showering facilities, and have done so with a new Kudos walk-in shower enclosure, Aquabella shower tray, and Nuance shower panels.

New tiles were also required part of the renovation, with the client opting fo a complimenting neutral theme. A chrome shower and natural stone effect shower panels combine well with the design choices in this space.

Project Highlight

The highlight of this project is the Cassca furniture unit from Pelipal.

The unit works well with the neutral tones in this bathroom and adds valuable storage to this space, the curved shape and integrated sink also add a modern element to this design.

The End Result

This project showcases the fantastic results that can be achieved when utilising our Design & Supply Only service. This client was able to renovate the chosen areas of their bathroom with quality furnishings and expert product advice from designer Debs.

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