Cloakroom Bathroom in Horsham, West Sussex

A unique theme was required for this compact cloakroom space, which includes William Morris wallpaper and an illuminating HiB mirror.

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The Brief

This client sought to improve an upstairs cloakroom with a new design that includes all usual amenities for a cloakroom space.

They favoured a unique theme, preferring to implement a distinctive style as they had in other areas in their property.

Design Elements

Within a compact space designer Martin has been able to implement the fantastic uniquity that the client required for this room.

A half-tiled design was favoured from early project conversations and at the design stage designer Martin floated the idea of using wallpaper for the remaining wall space. Martin used a William Morris wallpaper named Strawberry Thief in the design, and the client loved it, keeping it as part of the design.

To keep the small room neat and tidy, Martin recommended creating a shelf area, which would also conceal the cistern. To suit the theme brassware, flush plate and towel rail have been chosen in a matt black finish.

Project Highlight

The highlight of this project is the wonderful illuminating mirror, which combines perfectly with the traditional style this space.

This is a HiB mirror named Bellus and is equipped with colour changing LED lighting which can be controlled by motion sensor switch.

The End Result

This project typifies the exceptional results our design team can achieve even within a compact space. Designer Martin has been able to conjure a great theme which the clients loved and achieved all the elements of their brief for this space.

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