The Complete BORA Hob Collection

The Complete BORA Hob Collection

Discover the collection of BORA venting hobs, only available from selected retailers such as ourselves.

You can also view working displays at our showrooms.

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Explore the complete collection of BORA hobs in this blog, each available to order from our showrooms.

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The BORA S Pure is a reduced size venting hob designed to fit within a 60cm cabinet. In terms of design and specification, the S Pure is almost identical to the larger Pure model.

The S Pure is operated using the unique vertical slider, which is used to control the instant induction heat to the four hob rings. The design of the hobs is centred around a circular inlet, which is where cooking odours and scents are either recirculated or extracted dependent on your chosen model.

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The design of the S Pure utilises a slightly lop-sided design with two smaller rings to the left and two larger on the right-hand side. It provides the two-in-one function of a venting hob to smaller kitchens where utilising every inch of space is key.

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Compared to the smaller BORA S Pure, the Pure is designed with a larger 76cm surface and a symmetrical design that is better suited to slightly larger kitchen spaces.

The BORA Pure is built with the same vertical slider to control all cooking and venting operations. The larger surface permits the use of four 24cm induction pans at one time, and like the S Pure the coloured venting inlets can be chosen in one of six colours.

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The Pure hob is designed to have a shallow installation height, meaning it does not utilise significant drawer space below. To clean BORA parts is a simple task, with all parts dishwasher safe.

The BORA Pure is available to view at our Horsham and Worthing showrooms.

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The X Pure builds upon some of the great features of the S Pure and Pure in a slightly larger format.

An 83 cm surface it utilised for the X Pure, with a symmetrical layout and sizeable flexible induction zones also included. The flexible induction zones provide instant heat to pans within the utilised quarter, which can be controlled using the intuitive slider operation. The zoned based design means that with the X Pure you are not limited to four pans using a traditional ring format.

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Other useful features include silent operation, simple cleaning, and easily swappable charcoal filters for recirculating models. Variable heat retention is a nice feature for keen cooks, with three different levels of heat available to warm food ready for plating.

The BORA X Pure is available to view at our Worthing showroom.

Bora X Pure Induction Venting Hob

BORA Classic

The BORA Classic has been redesigned in recent years, improving on the original model whilst scooping numerous design awards in the process.

A modular approach is utilised for the BORA Classic, with the extraction system of course at the heart of the appliance. Like other models, silent operation and automatic extraction control are deployed, with the added benefit of accurate temperature control and oversized cooking zones available dependent on the configuration of modules.

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Various modules can be incorporated around the extraction system for the BORA Classic, including stainless steel tepan yaki, in-built wok, gas rings or various induction cooking options.

The Classic provides a fantastic array of options for a truly customisable cooking experience.

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BORA Professional

The Professional was the first appliance launched by BORA, and the latest 3.0 redesign is available with numerous innovative and technologic advances.

Like the Classic, the Professional is comprised of modular units centred around the integral extraction system. Tepan yaki, built-in wok, gas ring and more can be combined using the professional, with each carefully crafted to reach professional grade cooking results.

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For the professional model control knobs are integrated into a kitchen unit for easy and discrete control of all cooking options. The Professional is also discrete during operation, with silent extraction of all odours and scents through the automatic cover flap.

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As mentioned, the fantastic array of BORA venting hobs can only be purchased from selected independent retailers such as ourselves.

If you are looking to incorporate a BORA venting hob into a renovation, arrange a free design appointment, if you are looking to purchase a BORA hob separately contact a showroom direct.

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