The Nobilia 2022 Collection

The Nobilia 2022 Collection

It’s once again the time of year where our kitchen suppliers start to launch new brochures for the oncoming year. With this often comes a rafter of trendy new options for the kitchen and living spaces, and this year is no different.

Our German kitchen supplier Nobilia are the first to release their new innovations for 2022, with a new natural inspired kitchen range, and heaps of new colourways sure to create some beautiful kitchens.

New Nobilia Kitchen Collection 2022

Volcanic Grey - Laser

The Laser kitchen has traditionally been an affordable kitchen range best used for neutral or low impact.

The new Volcanic Grey colourway brings an explosive colour choice for a hard-hitting but on trend kitchen space. A melamine coating used for the Laser range door fronts keeps the rich Volcanic Grey colour looking solid from any angle, whilst bringing a durable and long-lasting quality to the kitchen.

The impact of the new Volcanic Grey door option can be muted with a light oak secondary colour as shown or heightened when used as a single kitchen colour or with the inclusion of darker wood accents.

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Concrete Sand Reproduction – Riva

We often think of the Riva range as one of our most modest kitchen ranges. From the economical price group two, the Riva range offers great value and great texture for an alternative kitchen finish.

The new Concrete Sand Reproduction colourway is similar to the existing White Concrete option from the Riva range, instead bringing a warm hue to a kitchen space instead of an industrial feel. The Riva collection here also demonstrates a new sliding door feature, available with select kitchens as part of the 2022 collection.

Riva offers fantastic impact for an ultra-modern, textured kitchen space. For a statement in the kitchen use the new Riva finish as a lone kitchen colour.

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Mineral Green & Fjord Blue - Easytouch

The Easytouch range was a new and revolutionary introduction in 2019, boasting a matt finish with an anti-fingerprint coasting that keeps cabinetry, doors and drawers looking pristine.

Two years later, new trendy Mineral Green and Fjord Blue finishes join four existing Easytouch range colours that bring immense boldness to the kitchen.

The new Mineral Green option represents a slightly murky almost forest like finish, that is accompanied well with textured grey kitchen elements. Whilst Fjord Blue is one of many flat slab blue doors on the market today, others are not likely to possess such quality and dependability in their composition.

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Oak Montreal Reproduction – Natura

The Natura range is the only new range for the 2022 collection.

Like other light oak finishes Nobilia offer, the single finish choice of Oak Montreal Reproduction mimics a natural Scandinavian inspired dynamic, bringing serenity and calm to a kitchen space. With a lacquered laminate composition, the Natura range gives genuine texture and character that will impress for many years to come.

Combine the Natura range with dark or light accents to create a unique, earthy kitchen area with the added option of additional living furnishings and features.

Nobilia 2022 Kitchen Collection

Slate Grey - Nordic

New for last year’s 2021 brochure, the Nordic range is another Scandinavian inspired option that until now was available in the single colour option of Honed White.

The richness of the Slate Grey colour is captured by the honed finish of the Nordic door, showcasing an abundance of rich grey tones for lasting kitchen impact. This new colour addition brings another option for a cottage style kitchen, unique to Nobilia. Previously these were limited to light and neutral tones, now the new Slate Grey finish gives the option for a rich and forceful cottage kitchen.

To create a classic cottage style space, make use of the many unique storage options and features available in the Nordic range for maximum effect.

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Alpine White – Artis

Last year it was the new Artis range that was perhaps the most impressive addition to the Nobilia collection, this year Artis is back again with the premium Alpine White colourway.

Catering to the higher end of the market, Artis combines a unique glass appearance with special edging technology to create an exclusive and distinctive kitchen option. Previously available singularly in the rich grey Titanio Matt finish, Alpine White gives a more subtle alternative that can be dressed up or down as you require.

For a truly modern kitchen, utilise the handleless Line N option for a state-of-the-art kitchen and living space.

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If you’re seeking to incorporate any of the new Nobilia 2022 collection into your own home, seek the advice of our expert design team with a free design and quotation, including any installation and structural works.

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