Quooker: New Rose Copper & Gunmetal Finishes

Quooker: New Rose Copper & Gunmetal Finishes

The inventors of the 100°C boiling water tap Quooker are back with two new finishes to suit modern kitchens.

The two new finishes are Rose Copper and Gunmetal, and each can be chosen in Quooker’s Flex, Fusion Round and Fusion Square models.

The new finishes are available as part of kitchen projects or sold separately. If wish to purchase a Quooker tap separately please enquire here.

New Rose Copper Quooker Boilng Water Tap New Quooker Gunmetal Boiling Water Tap Finish

Quooker: New Rose Copper & Gunmetal Finishes

The new Rose Copper finish is a perfect vibrant option for more colourful kitchen designs, or it can be used as an accent colour in a two-tone kitchen.

For more minimalist kitchens the new Gunmetal finish may be more suitable. It can compliment monochrome and sleek designs exceptionally well, or it can be used in harmony with other high-impact colours in the kitchen.

Whatever your style or required aesthetic, Quooker have numerous finishes and shapes to suit your space, all of which can add a constant stream of 100°C boiling water to your kitchen space.

Add a Quooker tap to your kitchen as part of a full renovation or simply purchased separately.

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