New Graphite Grey Neff Appliances

New Graphite Grey Neff Appliances

With German appliance manufacturer Neff it’s all about innovation. Constant improvements in their appliances ensure that cooking with Neff is a simple and always rewarding task for the user.

Neff’s latest innovation however, is all about aesthetics. The launch of the new Graphite Grey appliance line is aimed at the contemporary trend for dark, space-aged appliances that bring a technologic feel to the kitchen space. Rich Graphite Grey trims replace standard chrome, in a switch that completely alters the look of any kitchen these appliances are used in. With the new Graphite Grey appliance line available to order, we’re taking a deeper look at some of the new appliances that can make all the difference to a new kitchen renovation.

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Cooking Appliances

To match the technologic theme of the new appliances, the Graphite Grey finish features only with Neff’s premium N70 and N90 ovens. The new modern finish is complimented with a heap of new-age cooking options possessed by these oven models. One of Neff’s most recognisable features is the Slide&Hide door, which is present across both N70 and N90 oven options and is combined with other benefits like pyrolytic cleaning, Home Connect technology and the useful baking and roasting assistant integration.

The Graphite Grey finish is also available across N70 and N90 compact microwave ovens, which can be used as a either a reduced capacity oven or fast-cooking microwave. Compact microwave ovens are a popular new-wave appliance which combine speedy microwave cooking with a conventional oven. Whatever appliance you favour for cooking, Neff have several new exciting options to consider in the Graphite Grey finish.

Graphite Grey Neff Appliances Neff Graphite Grey Appliances in Horsham & Worthing

Coffee Machines

Built-in coffee machines are one of the more extravagant appliances offered by Neff. They are also the type of modern appliance that the new Graphite Grey finish is made for, combining a sharp aesthetic with a technologically advanced appliance.

Built-in coffee machines are all equipped with Home Connect capabilities, allowing perfectly temperate drinks to be made via the Home Connect application or a Home Connect enabled speaker. The bean-to-cup brewing method also makes for authentic coffee making, enhancing the use of the kitchen space with the high-tech appliance.

Graphite Grey Neff Appliances

Warming Drawer & Extractor Hoods

To complete a kitchen theme, a N70 warming drawer or N90 cooker hood can be ordered in the Graphite Grey option, with both capturing the contemporary design of the new appliance line. The N90 cooker hood even features ambientLight technology with the option for one of thirty-one colours to be projected from the rear of the hood.

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