New Burlington Coloured Ceramic Finishes

New Burlington Coloured Ceramic Finishes

Burlington are notoriously known for being a traditional supplier of bathroom furnishings and ceramics. However, with their new additions to the Bespoke ceramics collection they combine traditional shapes with two new contemporary and ultra-modern designer tones.

These two new finishes join a stand-out collection of existing coloured ceramic options, including: Alaska Blue, Moon Grey, and Confetti Pink.

Take a look at the new finishes…

Cosmic Green Ceramics by Burlington

The first eye-catching finish to join the Bespoke collection is Cosmic Green.

This ceramic choice is a great option for a light-filled bathroom, where extravagant colour combinations and influxes of styles can blend.

Particularly working well with silver bathroom accents, Cosmic Green ceramics are available in a 56cm cloakroom basin, or, 56cm or 61cm pedestal, as well as variety of sanitaryware combinations and accessories.

Enchanted Blue Ceramics by Burlington

The second new finish to join the collection is Enchanted Blue. The selection of Enchanted Blue ceramics combine well with both gold accents, for an extremely lavish design, or with silver accents for a more muted, but still a memorable alternative.

Enchanted Blue ceramics are available in the same array of pedestal and cloakroom basins, sanitaryware, and accessories, which will each make a distinct impact of any bathroom space.

A Vibrant New Bathroom Project?

Are you considering coloured ceramics as part of your next bathroom project?

The coloured ceramics from Burlington are certainly a distinctive option for a renovation, and if you would like to incorporate them into a bathroom project, our expert designers are the best port of call.

To get started on a new bathroom project, arrange a free design appointment in showroom or online.

We are able to provide a supply only service for all Burlington products, for more information contact a showroom today.

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