Classic German Kitchen in Rusper, West Sussex

A classic country style is used for this project, with distinctive German furniture plus an iconic AGA.


The Brief

The brief of this project may already be clear to see, a classic and country style kitchen with all the befitting accompaniments to suit.

Several spacious storage areas were a certain inclusion with all-in-one-space storage deployed in various areas. Decorations and shelving were also an important accessory and design inclusion.

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Design Elements

To create a true country style kitchen, designer George has employed a timeless combination of ivory units and black quartz work surfaces. The furniture used is from the Chalet range by German supplier Nobilia. This range proving a great choice due to it’s slightly contemporary style and bevelled shaker frame that both perfectly suit the space.

The layout creates space for a casual dining via the peninsula island, whilst maintaining plenty of floor space so the kitchen area does not feel crowded. The impressive AGA sits within it’s own run of furniture with shelving used instead of wall units to decorate the space above.

Throughout, storage remains a key inclusion with z-shape pull-out units incorporated to soften corners and provide easy access to kitchen items.

Shaker-style kitchen Rusper Kitchen Design Showroom near Rusper, Horsham
Kitchen Design in Rusper, Horsham

Special Inclusions

This Rusper client had a few project desireables to make the space work better for them, with one of them being not one, but two sinks. The reason behind this is to use one for cleaning fruit and vegetables, with the help of a cold tap and for the other to be designated for cleaning.

Another special inclusion for this client was all-in-one-space storage.

This idea has been incorporated with a seven shelf pantry in the heart of the kitchen, which is joined by an adjacent full-height Neff refrigerator. Along from both, a decorative glass-fronted wall unit offers a space to store pertinent items.

Kitchen Design in Rusper, West Sussex Rusper Kitchen Design & Installation

Project Highlight

The hard to ignore highlight of this project is the bold blue AGA.

As the client’s own, our fitting team have repositioned it into this space, fitting patterened tiles above as a neat splashback.

The End Result

The lasting impression of  is a classic country style kitchen that perfectly suits the idyllic Rusper cottage it is home to. Important elements from the brief have been followed to add tailored function to the space.

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