Coloured Brassware from Vado

Coloured Brassware from Vado

For a long time, brassware in the bathroom has been a plain topic and not the most exciting selection when renovating a new bathroom.

With the introduction of the Individual range from Vado a few years ago that all changed. brushed black, gold and nickel brassware finishses were all introduced and have been beautifully incorporated into many bathrooms since.

In their latest innovation, two-tone bathroom brassware is now an option thanks to the Knurled Fusion sub-section. Combining two monochrome colours across all bathroom brassware pieces for an alternative look.

Coloured Brassware Horsham & Worthing, UK Vado Brassware in Horsham & Worthing

Knurled Fusion Brassware

With Knurled Fusion, there are four colour combinations: brushed black & gold, brushed black & nickel, brushed gold & black and brushed nickel & black. Each are available across all usual brassware types, with the intricate detail of a textured knurled handle.

As with the existing Individual collection, brassware takes a slightly unorthodox approach with wall-mounted taps, spouted bath fillers and wall-mounted basin mixers, giving you the opportunity to make your bathroom truly individual.

Coloured Bathroom Brassware in Horsham & Worthing Vado Brassware Specialists Horsham & Worthing, UK

Bright Gold Brassware

The bright gold brassware finish has formed part of the individual collection for some time. It is the only original colour option across the collection that boasts a non-matt finish. This means it is a great option for a space where lighting is a key consideration, thanks to its reflective properties.

In the bright gold option there are a staggering sixty pieces of brassware that can be included into a bathroom renovation, including accessories, basin mixers, stand-alone bathroom fillers, thermostatic and standard shower valves, shower rails and more.

Vado Brassware in Horsham & Worthing Gold Brassware in Horsham & Worthing

As a brassware option Vado introduced brushed black when the Individual collection was launched and at the time it seemed like a space-age bathroom innovation.

Now matt black textures in the bathroom are a huge trend, not limited to just brassware. Matching matt black accents can be incorporated via shower enclosures for a contemporary accent colour in the bathroom.

Vado Brassware in Horsham & Worthing Vado Dealer in Horsham & Worthing

Brushed Gold Brassware

Brushed gold is another original Individual range introduction.

It is perhaps their most luxurious brassware option for a contemporary renovation, with the regal gold colour muted with a more subtle brushed finish.

As shown brushed gold looks fantastic in the most obscure of brassware pieces, with bathroom spouts, wall mounted basin mixers and various accessories highlighting brassware that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Gold Brassware in Horsham & Worthing, UK Coloured Bathroom Brassware from Vado

Brushed Nickel Brassware

Although the most subtle finish of the Individual collection, brushed nickel brassware can still be used to make a big impact. Replacing the usual stainless-steel option, brushed nickel offers the classic metal finish, that with good reason, has become a bathroom favourite.

Available in the full sixty-seven-piece assortment, brushed nickel brassware can be utilised across every bathroom element and boasts various configurations for basin, bath and showering brassware.

Coloured Brassware Horsham & Worthing, UK Horsham & Worthing Brassware Specialists

If you are looking to include coloured brassware into a new renovation, seek the help of our design team, who are experts in colour matching with their many years’ experience. Arrange an appointment by visiting a showroom or by booking an appointment now.

To order Vado brassware separately speak direct to a showroom.

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