Caesarstone Quartz Work Surfaces

Caesarstone Quartz Work Surfaces

We always recommend a durable and long-lasting work surface option like quartz for our projects, but there are few suppliers that combine the lasting quality with the decorative beauty like supplier Caesarstone.

Caesarstone have been creating illustrious quartz work surfaces since 1987 and since then have concocted three impressive collections of art-led surface options. The three ranges Classico, Metropolitan and Supernatural each offer an alternate style that contributes drastically to the overall dynamic of a room. Not only are Caesarstone work surfaces highly scratch and stain resistant, they can withstand extreme heat without marking and are impervious to water, making them an extremely sensible choice for a modern-day kitchen space.

Caesarstone Quartz Work Surfaces


Classico provides the most understated of Caesarstone finishes, utilising bold and delicately flecked surfaces for subtle impact.

The Classico collection offers a vast array of finishes with black, grey, neutral and white colours used as a rich base for each surface. We generally find the Classico collection is best used in a busy space, where other features take dominance. Classico work surfaces combine well with coloured kitchen units where they are subdued but still opulent and present.

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The Metropolitan collection launched in 2018 and at the time was a ground-breaking addition to the Caesarstone portfolio. Since then, seven new finishes have been introduced, which aim to populate homes and kitchen surfaces with a rough and unpolished natural feel.

Many of the Metropolitan finishes are borrowed from the new 2021 Whitelight sub-collection, which focuses on airy surface options for a lighter kitchen and living space. Metropolitan work surfaces retain the natural origin of quartz with a distinctive matt finish.

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The Supernatural option from Caesarstone epitomises the veining that comes with solid work surfaces. Expansive natural veins give an almost granite-like appearance to most finishes in this collection, with selected surfaces boasting two colours for an ultra-premium addition.

Deep coloured bases are prominent in this range with black, grey, off-white and bright white backdrops used in harmony with natural veining. The intricacy of Supernatural work surfaces mean they are ideally combined with plainer kitchen units, where the surfaces themselves can take centre-stage.

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Whether you have your heart set on Caesarstone quartz work surfaces for your next renovation or have stumbled on a surface that you love, our expert design team are always on hand help with your upcoming projects.

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