Accessible Bathroom Design Ideas

When you think of accessible bathrooms, you may think of wholly tiled wet rooms with unattractive features and a miserable design. But if you look closely at some of our recent projects you may notice subtle design features that clients of a later age have included within their projects. We always insist that a bathroom fit for later age can still boast a great design.

In this blog we’re sharing some of our popular design ideas for accessible bathrooms that do not compromise on overall style.

Bath Out, Shower In

One of the first considerations for many of our clients seeking a more accessible space is to replace a bath with a shower. Baths by design are a little trickier to access in older age, but a walk-in shower is far easier to operate and access. Plus, our vast array of showering options means that a shower can be a safer space with heaps of visual appeal.

For an accessible renovation we will always recommend a walk-in shower with a low-level shower tray. Our trays can be chosen with a very minimal step, sometimes as low as 2cm, and can be chosen in an anti-slip material to minimise any risk of accidents.

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Shower in Comfort

Our range of grab bars and shower seats ensure that using the shower is safe and in keeping with your design.

Grab bars are often unsightly in a bathroom, but our suppliers have a wide range of options to suit any space and to match a brassware finish used for taps and other brassware. This includes bold colours like Brushed Bronze, Brushed Gold, and Brushed Black to help make even your grab bars look like a great design element.

Shower seats are another great option for a safety-focused bathroom renovation. For those who aren’t able to stand for durations they can be a great addition and are available with or without an additional support leg. Our shower seats can be chosen in black or white finishes and are equipped with chrome fittings.

Safe Sanitaryware

Our plenitude of accessible bathroom components does not stop when it comes to choosing sanitaryware for your project.

Comfort height sanitaryware is a common addition for those of age, reducing the stress on joints during use. But for an additional level of safety a ‘smart’ sanitaryware option may also be a great choice. Our smart sanitaryware models provide functional cleaning options which are all operated by using convenient button built-into the seat. A smart option reduces the need for movement when in use and are equipped with internal cleaning systems.

Your Accessible Bathroom Project

If you are looking to incorporate any of the accessible elements mentioned into your next bathroom then our designers will be happy to help. To get started on your accessible bathroom project arrange a free design appointment in showroom or online.

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