A Truly Sustainable Kitchen Option

A Truly Sustainable Kitchen Option

For the future of the planet, making sustainable choices where possible is evidently important. We work with suppliers with sustainable values, and not many are more conscious of the environment around us than British supplier Daval.

Pioneers as they are, Daval are our first supplier of a 100% recycled kitchen collection named Renzo. The collection is comprised of five finishes, with natural wood and stone finishes.

Sustainable Kitchen Options

Finishes & Colourways

The Renzo collection focuses on natural finishes, with three 100% recycled wood options available as part of a renovation. The wood finishes available are Charred Japanese Wood, Character Oak Tobacco and Character Oak Natural, with each providing a raw texture for kitchen projects.

For an alternate natural finish, two stone options are incorporated into the Renzo collection in the form of the Artstone Quartz Grey and Artstone White Grey options. The recycled Renzo collection is available in handleless form, with all standard cabinetry and feature units.

Recycled & Sustainable Kitchen Options Recycled Wood Kitchen Design

The Renzo kitchen can be used as a stand-alone kitchen finish or teamed with a number of alternate kitchen options. If you are thinking of using the recycled Renzo collection for a kitchen project, then seek the expertise of our kitchen designers.

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